Roughing from Rifici Inox s.n.c. on Vimeo.

Roughing is the first operation performed after welding of the pieces , being still raw , are cleaned by imperfections and impurities in an even coarser , to proceed with the following operations.

File Finish


File Finish from Rifici Inox s.n.c. on Vimeo.

The file finishing is the second operation and is normally done after roughing and is a task to perform hand- in corners and inside corners where the machines do not pass.




Grinding from Rifici Inox s.n.c. on Vimeo.

The grinding is an operation that is done with the flexible wheels with finer grain to smooth better steel and prepare it for the final operation of the satin finish.

Satin finish


Satin finish from Rifici Inox s.n.c. on Vimeo.

The satin finish is the final operation that serves to perfectly smooth the steel and give it a look of great visual impact .
The polishing ( final effect different from the satin finish ) is performed as a final step after the etching and is performed with flexible cloth wheel and polishing paste , which serves to give the steel the classic ” mirror effect “.