Grate Security Stainless Steel

Main features:

Fixed , folding and windows that can be opened.
Designed to the computer with three-dimensional CAD design system.
Mass production but custom-made , then the steps of the vertical rails and sleepers will be positioned every time according to your needs.
Laser cut with three-dimensional technology to pipes and Bidimensionaole for dishes, with highly accurate results.
Using rectangular tubular mm thick . 40 x 30 x 2 mm diameter vertical rods in full mm.14 and horizontal mm thick plates mm.6 , all in stainless steel AISI 304 (stainless steel , harder than iron ).
Italian locks with INOX front 3- point locking , with round diameter mm. 16, length mm. 25 and safety cylinders of Italian production.
Welding steel chassis with TIG technology , subsequently brushed .( NO electrodes or splashing nor weld spatters ).
Non-invasive from an aesthetic point of view than those painted.
Side aesthetic finish with stainless compensating profiles of safety , so as to also recover any team outside of the wall , without unsightly thicknesses to view.
Absolute lack of competition , but to craft but with less accurate results and higher costs.
Tax relief ( tax recovery of 50 % according to the law ) any changes according to specifications.
Click to see the structure of the gates in 3D.
3D Gates
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